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Building Inspections

What things affect the price of the inspection?

The price is primarily dependant on the type of report that is required, the size, and the type and structure of the building.

How soon can an inspection be done?

This depends on the type of inspection required and its urgency. We can have an Owner Builder report to you within 48 hours. Other detailed reports take a little longer.

How can I pay for these services?

We require payment before the final report is dispatched. Payments can be made either by Visa or Mastercard, cash payment on site, Direct Deposit or cheque (cheque must clear before dispatch of report).

How are the reports prepared and delivered?

All reports are type written and may contain colour digital photographs (if applicable). Dispatch can be via email, fax or post (whichever you prefer).

What inspections should I get as a home owner?

If you are planning to sell your home and have carried out works on it within the last 6 ½ years, you may need to have an Owner-Builder report done to be included in your Section 32.

If neighbouring properties are carrying out works close to your boundary, an existing conditions report should be carried out on your property to record all conditions of your property prior to the works beginning.

What do I need to do in preparation for these inspections?

On the day of the inspection you will be asked to show any documents such as a building permit (if one was issued), plans, specifications and certificates such as electrical and plumbing certificates.

Owner Builder inspection reports

What inspections should I get when I decide to sell my home?

Prior to selling an owner built property (or a property renovated by the owner builder) the Building Act 1993 (Section 137B) requires an inspection and report, by a registered building practitioner, of the works undertaken . The legislation applies to Owner-Builders, in the case of domestic construction, for work completed within the last 6 years and 6 months, and non-domestic work completed within the last 10 years.

Why it’s needed?

The report will form part of the Section 32. This is required under the Building Act. Also, for works with a replacement value of over $12k carried out within 6 years of the proposed sale, the report is needed in order to obtain the required warranty insurance.

What could happen if I don’t provide the owner builder inspection report before entering into a contract of sale?

The contract of sale could be void and penalties of up to $10,000 may be incurred.

Do you need an Owner Builder report on works done without a permit?

Yes, however, there are exceptions to minor works. In most cases an owner builder inspection report is required for all building work and alterations done within a 6 ½ year period of selling the property.

Essential safety measures

Why does an Essential Safety Measures Report have to be done?

The Building Regulations 2006 require that all buildings have adequate levels of fire safety and protection of people in a non residential building.

Who is responsible for the Essential Safety Measures?

The building owner of non residential properties (i.e. shops, offices, factories etc.) is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, particularly its safety features or essential safety measures.

What are the Essential Safety Measures?

Essential safety measures include all traditional building fire services such as sprinklers, mechanical services, but also include passive fire safety such as fire doors, fire rated structure and other building infrastructure items such as paths of travel to exits.

During construction building inspections

What inspections should I get when having my house built?

Building legislation sets out the mandatory notification stages, when the Relevant Building Surveyor is to undertake an inspection. These stages are after the completion of: foundations, reinforcement, frame and final. The Relevant Building Surveyor may insist on additional inspections as he/she feels necessary. Our company offers additional independent inspections for peace of mind during the construction of your property.

How do I know what stage of inspection I need?

It is generally the responsibility of the builder to notify the Relevant Building Surveyor when it is time for a mandatory inspection. However, we can carry out additional inspections at any time during construction that you may require.

Should I get my house inspected before I make the final payment to the builder?

If you have some concerns about the quality of the work or if you simply want a check on the builder’s work, we can carry out an independent inspection and prepare a report prior to final payment.

Why Kukulka Consultants?

Kukulka Consultants have been in the building consulting industry since 1998 and have extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects.

A common sense approach is adopted to our services and reports. This means the reports we provide you are professional, succinct and easy to understand.

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Building Inspections & Reports

Inspections – We can carry out inspections in the metropolitan Melbourne region in a prompt and timely manner 6 days a week (including Saturday). The inspections are thorough, paying close attention to the details.

Inspection reports– A professional, detailed report will be issued after the inspection is carried out. The typed report will be comprehensive and easy to understand.

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Professional and exceptional

Whether you are selling or making additions/alterations to your property, Kukulka Consultants will report on whether or not the building work has been constructed using the correct building practices and materials and complies with the relevant Building Regulations.

Quality services at an affordable price is what Kukulka Consultants stands by and dedicates to every job.

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